Why do we hate Christians?

Muslim woman looking out to sea.

The following testimony comes from a member of our team in the Middle East. For security reasons, we have used pseudonyms…

Last week, I received an invitation to attend the baptism of four new believers from a Muslim background. The first testimony was given by Siham, who was born into a very committed, conservative Muslim family. Her father insisted that, as the eldest child, Siham should receive a strictly Islamic education with the goal of attending Al-Azhar University. This meant that she had to memorise and pass an exam on the entire Qur’an. Siham accomplished this and was accepted at Al-Azhar.

While Siham was still in high school, she asked her father, ‘Since the Qur’an says that Christians are very good people, why do we hate them?’ She received no answer. She asked her grandfather, an Imam at the mosque in their neighbourhood. He told her that we should not ask these kinds of questions.

Siham began asking more questions but received no answer from either her father or her grandfather. So she turned to the internet, where she found our ministry website and began to read about the Christian faith. At the same time, she began having dreams and visions affirming that Allah in Islam is not the true God and that she should read and search more about Christ. She did this.

One day, Siham was visiting our ministry website when she came across an ad for the Bible study app for Android phones. She installed the app and began a Bible course. When finished, she sent in her answers to the questions. Almost immediately, Siham received a message with a number to call if she had any questions and wanted to talk with someone. She called the number.

When Adel answered, Siham cried for twenty-five minutes! She couldn’t believe someone would answer her call. Adel calmed her down, and then began to talk with her. He invited her to study the Bible with a group from the same background. She couldn’t believe other people from her background were interested in the Christian faith. She excitedly agreed to join the group. Three months later, she announced her faith in Christ and asked to be baptised.

Please pray for Siham. Her family do not yet know about her conversion, and her father passed away last year. Pray that Siham’s faith would have deep roots and that when the time comes she would have courage to boldly share her love of Christ with her family and friends.

  • Peter

    Never give up on anyone because they have a different faith–The Only true God is the God of the Bible. Jehovahs Witnesses have a corrupted Bible & I am showing them their error. Please pray God will grant me wisdom. Siham’s testimony encourages me to keep on going & trust that the Holy Sprit will be with me. I will pray for her & her family.

  • jacob

    truth (Lord Jesus Christ) will set you free

  • Firefly

    Oh, that’s so lovely <3

  • John Gatto


  • John Gatto

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  • Jennifer Claycomb

    Eh. I would’ve told her to just pray to Allah and ask more questions where she could get your questions answered. Let’s move to the next religion that sounds good to you at the time. smh. I personally think Allah is God, but what do I know *rolls eyes* Let’s see how she’s doing now with how christians treat muslims in the churches… that SHOULD be an eye opener..

    • Lisa Tibbitts

      What do you know about Christians treatment of Muslims? Church is church. Everyone the same, praying and talking, whatever. It does seem thouh that anytime a person with a strong ingroup identity addresses an outgroup the vilified version always emerges. The one the tell each other and their children. The excuses for their hatred and bigotry toward their outgroup when it is them doing the hating. And so it goes with both sides.


    The Lord will empower Siham.

    • Rene F. Stiatco

      you are a muslim, and I am a Christian. so what, we worship 1 God. you call him Allah, I call him Father. Others call him God, whatever. What is important is our personal relationship to God. God does not care about religion. Whoever calls him and ask for his forgiveness and help, he will save that person even if that person has no religion and never opened a koran and bible.

      • Charlotte Graham

        Nope. There is one way to know God, and that is through the atonement of the blood of Christ. “I am the truth, the life, and the way. No man comes to the father, but by me”.

        • Bob Sims

          And Allah is NOT the same as our Father in Heaven. Our God, the Father, does not order us to kill the Muslims who refuse to convert to Christianity. Big difference. Mohammad was NO prophet. He was a lying, murderer pediphile for starters. He was pure evil.

          • Maria Delia

            Amen Brother. The truth is hard for many to see & believe. I am eternally thankful to our lord & savior that he has allowed me to finally see these truths because I know I am not worthy of his graces, but yet he finds that I am each & everyday. I ask that God anoint all my Christian brothers & sister with the blood of Christ through such trying times.

          • Quantumspirit666

            You are a sinner, born into sin and when you die your sky daddy will judge YOU and decide whether to throw YOU into an Everlasting Burning Furnace or to stay with him forever on your knees worshipping him. What Fun,! Your daddy sky sure has a sense of humour. TORTURE and FEAR.

          • Quantumspirit666

            YOUR invisible “father”

        • Quantumspirit666

          Oh HUMAN SACRIFICE !!!!!!!!!

      • Lee Garrett

        Two far different Gods bro. What in the hell kind of deist brainwashed you?

  • Fallybee

    I know that Muslims hate Christians but why do they have so many “internal” wars amongst themselves, anybody know ?

    • Bob Sims

      Don’t forget that all these Muslims are still in tribes and some have ruled ruthlessly over the smaller tribes in a particular part of the world. They have never learned how to get along politically, and democracy is not to their liking.

  • MAAZ

    I understand the visions… I have seen Jesus twice in my dreams. The emotions i felt were undeniable and incredible. I woke up both times pretty much crying my eyes out. He can and will find a way to speak to you if your heart is open to it. God bless Siham. The truth is that a lot of Christians forget to be open minded and accepting of other people’s beliefs. This does not mean you have to believe what they do but you should not bash them and persecute them for not believing the same way they do. Jesus preached love. Always love.



  • Rene F. Stiatco

    I do not care if you are a muslim or Christian. God does not care about the koran or bible. when we die, God will not ask us on how many verses did we memorize. God will only save ALL people who called for him and ask for his forgiveness. whether you are a prostitute, criminal, murderer. He does not care whether you go to mosque or church 100 times a day. He says “religion cannot save you, only personal relationship to God will”. God is a spirit, and true worshippers of God should worship him by his spirit and soul. God lives in our body, not in the mosque or churches. MUslims and Christians should remember that our creator is only one. And God does not care if you are a muslim or Christian, what he cares about is your heart.

    • Hi Rene! Thanks for your comment. God does care whether or not you hear the message of Jesus. God loved the world so much that he sent Jesus to die for our sins. God inspired the writers of the Bible so that we could come to know him personally. You are right that God wants us to call out to him for forgiveness. But we also need to know that he has made a perfect provision to give us that forgiveness. That is why Jesus told his followers to go and preach repentance (calling out to God and turning away from wrong) and forgiveness in his name to all nations (Luke 24:47).

      • Quantumspirit666

        Would YOU kill your child? respect anyone who does. HUMAN SACRIFICE ? You are a dangerous and hard hearted individual.

    • Quantumspirit666

      What a demented creature this invisible sky daddy must be. He even has a burning furnace ready to throw HUMANS in – FOR ETERNITY.
      Anyone who worships such SADISTIC MONSTER must be callous themselves, parading as “nice” people but heartless and justify it.

  • Soaring Eagle

    Sadly few realize Christ and Mohammed were the same reincarnated spirit who has come 7 times. Christ was 5th and Mohammed the 6th. The 7th lives today. Both were gods of wisdom not god the creation of the Universe.

    • Bro. Nick

      Your ecumenical beliefs are not Biblically correct, for “the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ” made the definitive statement about Himself:
      “I am the way, the truth, and the life:
      no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.”
      (John 14:6 ~ KJV)

      • Quantumspirit666

        Yes the JEWISH carpenter is the “way” ?

    • Hi Soaring Eagle,

      Thank you for your comment. The Bible teaches us that Christ is the eternal word of God. The whole creation was made through him:

      ‘In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. In him was life and that life was the light of men…’ (John 1:1-4)

      A few verses later, we read that ‘the Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us’. So Christ is not a reincarnated spirit. He is the eternal and everlasting Word of God who was born of the Virgin Mary and became man.

      • Quantumspirit666

        If you are too dumb to understand SCIENCE religion would do.

    • Quantumspirit666

      What a desert primitive mentality.

  • Bro. Nick

    My prayer for Siham, and for all of those “brethren” who are truly Biblically “born again” believers and followers of “the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ”:
    “And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly;
    and I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.
    Faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do it.
    Brethren, pray for us.
    Greet all the brethren with an holy kiss.
    I charge you by the Lord that this epistle be read unto all the holy brethren.
    The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.
    (1 Thessalonians 5:23-28 ~ KJV)

    • Quantumspirit666


  • Alex

    don’t know if that was a good idea. I am a christian and I don’t really like the bible. they changed it, so you cant find the truth anymore. ”the truth” sarcasm. not everything is lies, but the real bible is gone, the gouverment is manipulating us. I don’t know about the Qur’an. it may have been changed too, but it’s not my thing. I hope they didnt change it.

    • Alex, what makes you think the Bible was changed? Who do you think changed it? Why do you not like it?

      • Tom Borneman

        Which books of the Bible were chosen? Which were deleted? How about the King James edition? Who’s calling the shots? Man or God? Some claim only the New Testament pertains to us? The Catholics have books in their Bible we don’t accept? in our Baptist beliefs. I also trust God but not Man?. My faith tells me to follow my heart… Not books created by Man with the intent of exclusion. I understand “Alex” Too bad you don’t. Being brought up ignorant is No reason to remain ignorant. Not all of us are “Brain washed Puppets”. Degrading any human because of their sex or race is not God-Like. We don’t need Old-School customs and beliefs. We need change. Respect and compassion for others.

  • Truth Speaker

    I am a devout Christian. I do think that in the Middle East people hate Christians because of the evil deeds of men who call themselves Christians. After asking the question, “Why do they hate us?” and studying history I see that Europeans have done horrible, horrible things while claiming to be Christians. If they were to be a bunch of pagans, this is understandable, but because they claim to be Christian they reveal themselves to be hypocrites.

    First, many Europeans treat people with more melanin as savages. Historically they have used the excuse of helping primitive people to conquer them and loot them.The more conservative (knowledgable of the faith) they tend to be, the more hatred and contempt in their hearts they have for people not like them, and the less like Jesus they are. They treat immigrants from other ethnic backgrounds as subhuman invaders. Look at the paranoia the people who claim to care about defending Christian values have towards Middle Eastern refugees.

    Second they have helped dictators to rise to power in the “third world” to protect economic interests and so they do not nationalise their resources. How many bombs and dictators have middle easterners suffered through so that NATO can secure oil for the “West”? They believe the lies their government tells them because they see non-White, non-Christian people as less than human. Shouldn’t a real Christian judge rightly rather than believing self-serving lies? Why when less than a hundred people die in France they can’t stop talking about it but when millions of Middle Easterners die they just don’t care?

    Third they believe that their wealth comes not because they looted people and conquered the world but because they are a superior people. Jesus said preached the opposite of what many Western Christians internally believe. The more patriotic they are the more blind they are to the sins of their ancestors and the deceitfulness of wealth.

    Do I hate Christians? No. But in the Middle East there are reasons to hate Christians because of the behaviour of the “Christian” West. It is a great, great scandal to believers of other religions.

    • Bob Sims

      Some good things said, but some were left out. What about the Jihadists that kill any Christian in their country who refuses to convert to Islam? These Christians that did none of those things you bring up. There is no love within this terrorist movement.

  • Derrick

    Religion is responsible for more death and destruction than anything, why people can’t be content with the idea that life is paradise and there is nothing more is beyond me. Is life on earth so bad that one has to have more, we should embrace the fact that our bodies bring fourth new life as we turn into dirt and future generations will thrive due to our death!

    • Bob Sims

      I can’t help but feel sorry for you. You really should dig deeper into this. She did, and she found peace, the same peace I found. What a horrible waste it would be, to live, learn, experience and gain wisdom, and then it all just goes away with your death. It makes no sense. There has to be more. There is more. You might want to talk with someone who has died and went beyond and came back, called a near death experience. Or, you might just read about so many of them have to say. Or, you can continue to believe your way without exploring the other possibilities. I hope you make the right decision, the decision to dig deeper. You have nothing at all to lose, and you just might change your opinion. Just maybe.

      • Maria Delia

        Amen to that….I too hope the same for you Derrick.

      • Quantumspirit666

        DELUSION. No daddy sky. Its called a bogey man when you were young. Seems not much has changed cerebral wise.

    • Larry

      Why would you troll a Christian web site, then moan and complain…. If that what Christians want to believe, its up to them…. it doesn’t effect you at all….

      • Derrick

        Oh you see but it does affect me, I clearly stated that religion is responsible for more death and destruction than anything and because of religion is can’t travel the world freely without fear of repercussion because some Muslim think I Christian just because I’m from the US. My daughter can’t get an abortion if she is raped because of Christian nut jobs wanting to do her harm or blow up the clinic. So yeah I have a voice and a right to express my voice when something that is uncalled for is affecting me and my family!!

        • Lee Garrett

          Bro, people* are responsible for more death and destruction than anything. It’s shallow and naive to blame a tool for the actions of it’s user.

        • Maria Delia

          Its ignorant to claim that Christians blow up abortion clinics. I know that this is NOT a constant ongoing issue. This type of evil incident happened once, maybe twice by some called “Christians” over the course of history. I wouldn’t even consider the person/people who did this as Christian, considering Jesus Christ would never do such a horrific thing. Secondly, Being a Christian is not a religion. Being a Christian is about your relationship with Jesus Christ. Religions are created by man. Humans and the evil inside of each and every one of them are responsible for all the wars & lives taken due to man taking these lives all in the name of their religion & even by men claiming to be Christians. There are a few pagan religions that call themselves Christians yet when we look back throughout history, these pagan religions have had so much corruption & evilness. It blows me away that humans can be so blind & deceived so easily when the truths are pretty much smacking them in the face.

          • Tom Borneman

            I think the “Abortion Clinic” remark was aimed at all You Nut Jobs out there sticking your Libtard noses where it don’t belong. You pretty much just clarified what He just posted? A lot of Babbling??? lol

  • bhaktdas

    People following one faith are like donkeys taking whatever load their owner gives.

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