While it is Day

I believed that God is like a trap, waiting for the smallest sin so he could throw me in hell, curse me, and cast me away from his mercy.

Khalil* was born to an Egyptian mother and Omani father. After his parents divorced, he moved with his father to Oman, where he spent years adhering to strict Muslim teachings. But as time passed, he felt drawn to the Jesus of the Bible. He began to question the Qur’an and Islam. He admitted, ‘I was holding on to the last straw, hoping Mohammed would still meet my expectations.’

The Arab world is at war. Its social fabric is being torn apart by violence and extremism. Due to Daesh and other Muslim groups, Europe is facing a refugee crisis on a scale not seen since World War II. Many no longer expect to find life and fulfilment in their Islamic faith.

Today, Christians have a powerful message of hope for people like Khalil living in the Arab world. 

Arab World Media has an unparalleled opportunity to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with millions of weary Arabs. Muslims put their faith in Jesus because they find in him unspeakable love, a healing of their wounds and a hope for the future. It is truly an unprecedented time for Muslims, and we need to act now.

This is why our initiative for 2016 is called While it is Day (see John 9:4 ESV). You can learn more by downloading a PDF overview.

*Name has been changed.

  • Meg

    This is great news so people are turning in such large numbers to the good news of the Gospel which provides the thing that people most need when their lives are in turmoil – love. I pray that many more will open their hearts and minds to accept the truth of the message and the strength from the Lord to sustain them in their new found faith. I pray for more Christians to appreciate the value of AWM ministry to support it.