Embracing the truth

Saudi man

Two testimonies from one family…

‘…let me be honest with you…’

Peace and Christ’s love. Truly I don’t know where to start, but let me be honest with you… I was born a Muslim. I prayed and fasted during Ramadan, and I even went on pilgrimage. I am 54 years old and I always heard that Islam is a religion of truth. One day, I had a chance to watch a debate between a Muslim and a Christian. In spite of the fact that I am not educated, I watched the show until the end. My heart and my mind were telling me that everything the Christian said was true. So I decided to find out more about Christ. And I discovered that the Christian faith is the real true faith.

One day I discovered a story of a lady from my country who was persecuted because she embraced the Christian faith. She was the reason for my full conviction about the truthfulness of the Christian faith. So I decided to give my life to Jesus. I believe in him as my Saviour and the Saviour of all humanity. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to declare my faith. And thanks to all the workers who provided me with all I need to know!

This message came from Hamza, who contacted our response team back in January. He had a lot of questions and was in touch with our response team for ten days before giving his life to Christ.

Hamza told his wife about his faith and, as a devout Muslim, she was rather upset. She went to visit her sister, Rana, for advice, but was disappointed. Rana had her own story…

The Christian nurse

Rana had met a Christian nurse at a hospital. The nurse was so good to her that it made Rana question how such a nice person would go to hell. She realised it wasn’t fair and began researching Christianity online.

Rana had been forced to get married but her marriage was not a happy one. Her husband had divorced her twice. One day, Rana’s brother-in-law, Hamza, intervened in an effort to reconcile them. At this point, Rana discovered Hamza’s interest in Christianity.


Hamza introduced Rana to our ministry and it was during a live chat session with one of our responders that Rana professed her faith in Christ. She told us how her brothers had beaten her because of her interest in Christ and that when her husband found out about her faith he called her an ‘unfaithful pig’.


Despite being under pressure, Rana continues to grow in faith. She is in daily contact with our team and sees this time as an ‘oasis in the desert’!

Rana has shared her faith with a friend and also with her children. Her friend has professed faith in Jesus and is studying the Bible with Rana. The children are being taught how to pray and follow Jesus; they say they no longer want to be Muslim.

Faith and commitment

Rana and Hamza have been able to meet Christians in person, away from their city. They have both received the gift of a Bible. Rana recently wrote the following…

I have come to have assurance rather than fear. Every day my faith and commitment increases more and more. I go to your website when I have a question and I always find a satisfactory answer. I thank my brothers for beating and insulting me. I thank my fanatic and militant society. These drove me to find the truth. Now Jesus is my Lord and Saviour; he is the light of my life.

PrayAs a team, we will be praying for Hamza and Rana as they live out their faith in an ultra-conservative country. Life will be tough and their lives could be at risk. Please lift them up, as well as Rana’s children and friend. Pray that other friends and family members will join them on this wonderful journey of hope and joy. May this be the beginning of a community of followers of Christ.