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First quarter insights 2018

January to March 2018

The peace of Christ

Lord Jesus, I, Adna, declare my faith in you as Lord, Redeemer and Saviour. I ask you to dwell in my heart and forgive my sins. Please give me your peace and the rest you promised to give to those who come to you. Help me to love you and to know you more and more. Help me to grow in obedience to your Word all my life. Hold my hand and lead me to the light and I will be faithful all my life. Amen. (Adna, Libya)

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Finding peace with God

This video continues the journey of Rabia with his sister and friend. In the first video, Through the door, the three had been exploring Christianity and were making the decision to go for it. In Finding peace with God, each of the group has made a decision to put their trust in Jesus, but life isn’t easy. Still, they have each other and they have God’s Word to strengthen them.

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Breakthrough May 2018

Breakthrough is a monthly call to pray for the Arab world. In each edition we focus on a different country of the region, praying for breakthrough over a particular stronghold.

Welcome to our May edition of Breakthrough. In just over two weeks, the lives of millions of Muslims all over the world will get turned upside down. For thirty days, there will be no eating, no drinking, no smoking and no sexual relations for all who are able* during the daylight hours. It will be tough, but Ramadan is one of the five pillars of Islam – so it’s not an option if you are a Muslim.

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A beautiful message

By the Director of Arab World Media

The greatest injustice

As a father, I regularly hear my young children say, ‘That’s not fair’. Often my response is, ‘Life’s not fair’. However, my children’s plea for fairness reflects a human desire for justice.

There are many injustices in our world: real issues that adversely impact vulnerable people. These are issues that followers of Christ should care about.

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Enemy to brother

Abdu* is a young Middle Eastern man. His father is a well known figure in his home city. He belongs to a fundamentalist Muslim organisation that operates across the country. Abdu became very active in this group at a very early age.

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