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A true picture of Yemen

Hope and despair

The BBC recently broadcast a programme about starvation in Yemen. In Our World, Starving Yemen* a reporter follows a Yemeni doctor as she visits families with malnourished children. Included is the story of an eighteen-month-old boy who is slowly starving because the only milk his body can digest is no longer available… His mother cries as she tells the doctor, ‘I’m losing my son and there is nothing I can do about it.’

It’s clear that many children have been dying in Yemen, while for the most part the media has looked away. Most of us know there is an ongoing war, but we know little of its devastating side effects: famine and disease. The doctor mentioned above has been buying medicine with her personal savings, remaining in Yemen alone while her husband and daughter stay in Jordan. She makes a powerful statement:

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What can we do about fear?

It seems these days that almost every breaking news item is accompanied with a note that terrorism ‘cannot be ruled out’. We hold our breath as we await confirmation that a plane crash, a stabbing or a shooting has been orchestrated by a supporter of Daesh (ISIS). And even before we know the motive of an attack, we’re gripped with fear as we realise it could have been us or someone we know.

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Tuesday 5 July [request]

Zakat is one of the Five Pillars of Islam and is considered to be a tax based on the year’s income (above a minimum tax-free threshold).

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Monday 4 July [research]

We hear incredible stories all the time at Arab World Media of Muslims having dreams and visions of Jesus.

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Sunday 3 July [reflect]

As we listen today, reflect on the amazing grace of God, remember, he is the one we always serve, so let’s celebrate what he has done.

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