Inspiring stories that show how God is working among Muslims of the Arab world…

Our God is unstoppable

It is always amazing to see how God relentlessly pursues Muslims. Here is yet another example from a member of our response team, who has been engaging with a Muslim woman from Egypt. Celebrate with us the birth of a new life!

Sabia* is a Muslim woman in her thirties. She is married, with two young girls, and lives in Upper Egypt, where she works as a teacher.

One night, Sabia had a dream… Jesus Christ came to her with a cross, which he placed inside her stomach. She felt as if she had a high fever and her body started to shake. Jesus put his hand on her back, and smiled as he told her not to be afraid. He promised to give her comfort and peace, and confirmed that he would be with her through all the coming days and that he would give her help. He was not young, as Sabia had seen in pictures at the Orthodox churches and in the homes of her many Christian friends and neighbours. He was old and wearing a white garment.

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Precious possession

In matters of faith, we hold fast to what we know to be true. But occasionally, we find the need to adjust slightly our beliefs as we mature in our faith and let God develop our theology through Bible reading and sound teaching. But for Rahman*, a Middle Eastern man, the need for adjustment was more of a major shift.

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Arabian Dawn – My heart aches

If anyone comes to me and does not hate father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters – yes, even their own life – such a person cannot be my disciple. (Luke 14:26)

These words have always been challenging, yet how true they are for many believers of the Arab world! In choosing Christ, in spite of their family’s objections, they are living out Jesus’ command.

At Arab World Media, we do not want to shy away from the reality of becoming a believer in a Muslim-majority setting. It varies in severity, but family rejection is just one form of many hardships experienced by those who choose Christ.

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Encouraging the heart of Rafid*

By the director of Arab World Media

My name is Rafid. I come from a traditional tribe of Bedouin descent. We are a very close-knit and extremely conservative family. We live in a rural community where everyone knows everyone else’s business, in a very oil-rich country. My family, my tribe, and my country will not tolerate anyone who dares to follow the Jesus of the Bible.

I came to faith in Jesus Christ four years ago after becoming extremely disillusioned with Islam, but as far as I know, I am the only one in this community who follows Christ. I dare not share my faith with anyone – not even my wife or children – though I long for the day when they too will follow Jesus as the Messiah of the world.

I read the Bible on my smart phone and I pray, but I have no fellowship with anyone. I am actually quite lonely. I would so much like to study the Bible and regularly meet with someone to learn more about Christ, but there is nobody here to meet with me.

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Highlights from 2014

We asked several members of the Media team what their highlight was for 2014. Here are their replies…

I think a highlight of 2014 for me was launching the Live Chat module on our website. Our response team first requested this at our meetings in June, and it was finally launched in late October. Since then we’ve seen hundreds of visitors making use of it, with several actually giving their lives to Christ during a chat session.

Web Developer

I think a highlight for me was launching the first of our self-help modules for women, on depression. I was excited to get this tool into people’s hands. It was amazing to see that in one month from the time it was launched, the self-help video was downloaded over 16,000 times! It is wonderful to think of people looking at this on their phones, sharing it with friends, bringing hope and help into dark corners all over the Arab world.

Online Ministry Director

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