Video & audio

These videos were made for our ministry websites. Some will have English subtitles…

What happens when our sins find us out?

Take a look at our latest video, on the subject of adultery. Pray that it stimulates thought and discussion on our Facebook page

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Arabian Dawn – I was defending Islam

In this moving, two-part video, a Saudi Arabian woman describes in detail how she tried to prove that Islam was not an extremist religion. Instead she began an amazing journey to Christ…

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No woman no drive

On 26 October, a number of Saudi women got behind the wheel in defiance of Saudi Arabia’s bar on women driving. This fun video was made by Saudi-based artist and social activisit Hisham Fageeh. You might recognize the tune…

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A song of love and forgiveness

A church in Minya, Egypt has written a song and produced a video to go with it (with English subtitles). The church was recently burned down but its members have responded with love and forgiveness. 

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Ramez Atallah on the situation in Egypt

Ramez Atallah is the General Director of The Bible Society in Egypt and Vice Chair of The Lausanne Movement. In this short video, he shares his thoughts on the situation in Egypt…

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