Face to face

During summer certain parts of Europe become very popular holiday destinations for Arab world Muslims. Since many of these individuals come from hard-to-reach countries it’s important to make the most of any opportunities that may arise to share the gospel with them.

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Breakthrough July 2017

Breakthrough is a monthly call to pray for the Arab world. In each edition we focus on a different country of the region, praying for ‘breakthrough’ over a particular stronghold.

I am proud of the good news! It is God’s powerful way of saving all people who have faith, whether they are Jews or Gentiles. (Romans 1:16 CEV)

This edition of Breakthrough comes to you just days after the end of Ramadan. We’re thrilled to share that in this thirty-day period around 50 individuals gave their life to Christ during a conversation with one of our responders. We hope this encourages you in your prayers. Clearly, God is doing something new among Arab Muslims because we have never seen numbers like these. This month, as we pray for Iraq, let’s pray with increased faith. Let’s boldly ask the Spirit to move in the hearts and minds of Iraqis young and old.

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Day thirty – Eid al-Fitr

It’s the final day of Rethinking Ramadan and we wrap up with a quick look at Eid al-Fitr

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Day twenty-nine – Children

We’ve prayed for women and we’ve prayed for men. Now it’s finally time to remember the children of the Arab world…

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Day twenty-eight – Branches of Islam quiz

Today we reassess with our final quiz, this time looking at some of the different branches of Islam…

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