Ramadan 2013

Ramadan is an important time of the year to pray for Muslims. It is a time when they will be trying especially hard to please God, by fasting from food and drink during the daily hours. As Christians, we know that our salvation is not earned, but Muslims have no such assurance, no matter how hard they work. Many do not know or understand that Jesus is the only way and that his sacrifice was sufficient for all. We long to see this change.

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How can we encourage the good use of media productions by our co-workers serving in the Arab world? How can they have at their fingertips the right CD or DVD for a friend who is asking questions?

Our answer is the MediaDrive, a one terabyte external hard drive containing more than one hundred audiovisual productions and many hours of audio recordings in MP3 format.

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Safiya’s story

The following story comes firsthand from a Pioneer serving among Syrian refugees in the Middle East…

It is Wednesday morning and my van is loaded up with food packages and bundles of diapers. My dear ministry partner – a new believer from the majority background – sits beside me, calling out a long list of newly arrived Syrian refugee families as she directs me through the maze of narrow streets in our ‘little town’ of half a million people.

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The language of media

This video shows how media is shaping young people today…

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Arabian Dawn – I persecuted people

The second testimony in our Arabian Dawn series…

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