How Rethinking Ramadan works

Rethinking Ramadan is a 30-day challenge for Christians during the Muslim fast of Ramadan. I’s all about praying, thinking and learning about the majority people of the Arab world region, who are living without the light of Jesus.

There are two ways to take part: you can sign up (below) to receive emails or you can visit our website each day. Whichever way you choose, there will be a daily post with one of the following themes:


On this day, we’ll be looking at various aspects of Islamic belief. We’ll include some questions or suggestions for further thought or research. It’s up to you how far you go from there.


This is more of a reflective day. We’ll be looking at some different issues and asking questions of ourselves.


On this day, we’ll be testing your knowledge. This could be anything from fashion to geography but it will relate to Islam or the Arab world in some way. This day will be a more light-hearted day than the others, but you might pick up some unusual or interesting facts.


This day is all about prayer and will have more of a link to our ministry. You can fast on this day, if you want, but don’t do anything as extreme as Muslims!

The challenge of Rethinking Ramadan is to set aside time each day to give thought to the content and to pray. Please come with an open heart! You might learn something new, but equally, you might see something you already know from a different perspective. Our hope and prayer is that you will come away with a better understanding of Muslims and the issues they face, particularly those that are obstacles to salvation.

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