Transformational development

We believe that Faith in Christ is transformational. It can be difficult, however, to live out one’s faith in a society that is permeated by another religion.


Arab World Media produces an online e-magazine, called Hayat (Life), through which we seek to challenge people’s perceptions of life and behaviour by addressing current social issues from a biblical perspective. Our aim is to see communities transformed by the power of Christ, changing them from within,

one heart at a time.

Self-help video modules

In 2014 we launched the first of a series of self-help video modules that were designed for the many women of the Arab world who have experienced trauma, abuse, sexual harassment and more.

We collaborated with mental health professionals to develop twelve modules in total. Subjects covered include depression, addiction, anger, low self-esteem and sexual abuse. Alongside this, we offer personal encouragement and interaction by telephone, email and social messaging.

Thousands have watched and downloaded these videos, and hundreds have sought counsel from our response team.