Map showing Bahrain

Location: Northern coast of Arabian Peninsula, across the Gulf of Bahrain from Saudi Arabia

Capital city: Manama

Population: 1.3 million

People: 46 percent Bahraini Arab, 54 percent other, including other Arab, Iranian, South Asian, East Asian and European

Religion: 70 percent Muslim (Sunni and Shia), 14.5 percent Christian, 9 percent Hindu, 2.5 percent Buddhist and 4 percent other

Point of interest: Although Bahrain has a majority of Shia Muslims, it is ruled by a minority of Sunni Muslims.

Christianity: There are Bahraini Christians but actual numbers are hard to ascertain (probably less than a hundred).

Mission work: On top of the small number of missionaries in Bahrain, there is a presence of international believers.

Prayer requests:

  1. Pray for the people of Bahrain to seek out the truth rather than passively accepting what they have been taught. Pray that many would consider Christ and want to know what the Bible teaches.
  2. Pray for more to come and serve among this small, unreached people group.
  3. Pray for the encouragement of those who have faithfully served for many years and yearn to see more fruit.
  4. Pray for unity among the small group of believers. Pray that they would be actively seeking to share with their families and friends.

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