Map showing Chad

Location: North central Africa – south of Libya, west of Sudan, north of Central African Republic, east of Niger, Nigeria and Cameroon.

Capital city: N’Djamena

Population: 11 million

People: Many ethnic groups, including Sara, Arab, Mayo-Kebbi, and Kanem-Bornou. Arabs make up 12.3 percent of population

Religion: 52 percent Muslim, 44 percent Christian (Catholic/Protestant), 4 percent other

Point of interest: Chad is named after Lake Chad, which was once a large inland sea at an estimated 100,000 square miles in size. It has shrunk considerably, even in the last few decades, and is now only 520 square miles.

Christianity: Chad has a significant Christian presence, but with more than 200 ethnic/linguistic groups there are still many to reach with the gospel.

Mission work: Pioneers has various teams in Chad, working with different people groups. In contrast to other teams serving among Muslims, they have entered the country as missionaries and can be quite open about their reason for being in Chad. You can watch a video of one of our workers in Chad here.

Prayer requests:

  1. Pray for the Muslims of Chad to be open to the gospel. There are very few, if any, believers among certain people groups. Ask the Lord to be preparing hearts for the truth.
  2. Lift up the families and individuals who have gone to remote parts of the country to bring the hope of Christ into people’s lives. This comes with obvious sacrifices, such as access to healthcare and school education. Pray for the physical health of each team member and for the many children being homeschooled.
  3. The people groups being actively reached in Chad are from oral cultures. This means that things are passed on verbally rather than being written down. Pray that stories being shared from the Bible would be clearly understood and even passed on. Pray that Jesus’ name would be heard in every household.
  4. Pray that the gospel would spread through mobile phone technology. Pray that Chadian Muslims would watch, listen to, and share Christian media through mobile devices.
Note: Chad isn’t an Arab or Muslim country, but Arabic is one of its official languages. With more than half the population Muslim, there is a significant influence from Islam in certain parts of the country, so Chad is included in our ministry.

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Statistics and other sources of information: CIA World Factbook, Wikipedia