Map showing Egypt

Location: North Africa, west of Libya, north of Sudan, east of Israel, across the Red Sea from Saudi Arabia and on the Mediterranean coastline

Capital city: Cairo

Population: 84 million

People: 99.6 percent Egyptian Arab

Religion: 90 percent Muslim, 10 percent Christian (Coptic, other)

Point of interest: Egypt is the fifteenth most populated country in the world; over half of its population lives in urban areas such as Cairo and Alexandria.

Christianity: Although in the minority, there are more than 8 million Christians in Egypt. There are also a number of believers from a Muslim background.

Mission work: In addition to westerners, the church in Egypt has a growing number of its own workers. Although most of these go to other countries, it is encouraging to see a growing passion for taking the good news to those who have not yet heard!

Prayer requests:

  1. Pray for the country of Egypt as it recently formed its new parliament in 2015, its first since 2012. Lift up those in leadership, praying for wisdom. Pray that the president and government would put the people of their nation before their own personal agendas.
  2. Lift up Egyptian believers from a Muslim background. Pray for their eyes to be fixed on the Saviour; for strong and bold faith; and for a clear witness to family and friends.
  3. Pray for the Egyptian church as a whole to continue standing strong in the face of opposition. May it long remain a witness of Christ’s message of forgiveness and love.
  4. Pray for all who serve to reach Egyptian Muslims for Christ. Pray that they would remain grounded in the Word and passionate about their Saviour.


Statistics and other sources of information: CIA World Factbook, BBC Country Profiles