Map showing Jordan

Location: Middle East, bordering Israel, Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia

Capital city: Amman

Population: 8 million

People: 98 percent Arab, 1 percent Circassian, 1 percent Armenian

Religion: 97 percent Muslim (Sunni), 2 percent Christian, 1 percent other (Shia Muslim, Druze, etc)

Point of interest: Jordan is home to Petra, an ancient city cut out of rock and a World Heritage Site since 1985. It was famously featured in the 1989 film Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

Christianity: Like other Middle Eastern countries, Jordan is home to a significant population of indigenous believers. It also has a number of believers from a Muslim background, who face constant pressure from their families and the authorities to return to Islam .

Mission work: Jordan is the adopted home of a number of workers who long to see Muslims reached with the gospel.

Prayer requests:

  1. Pray for those who have come to faith from a Muslim background, and face daily challenges as a result – societal pressures, etc. Pray for the Holy Spirit to continually fill and renew those who have suffered because of their decision to leave Islam. Pray for the physical and emotional protection of families and individuals.
  2. Pray for even more spiritual hunger among the Muslim people of Jordan. May many be drawn into conversations with believers, to websites, and to satellite channels where the gospel is clearly proclaimed.
  3. Pray for workers in Jordan to be Spirit-filled as they serve among the people of this nation. Pray for Jordanian believers with pastoral and evangelistic gifts to partner with them in reaching Muslims.
  4. Pray for refugees in Jordan, which include Palestinians, Iraqis and, more recently, Syrians. Pray for those who are involved in medical and social projects to help the thousands of refugees in Jordan.

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