Map showing Kuwait

Location: Northern coast of Arabian Peninsula, between Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Persian Gulf

Capital city: Kuwait City

Population: 2.9 million

People: 31 percent Kuwaiti Arab, 28 percent foreign Arab, 41 percent South Asian, Filipino, Iranian Western, Chinese, others

Religion: 77 percent Muslim (Sunni and Shia), 17 percent other (Christian, Hindu, Parsi, etc), 6 percent other (unknown)

Point of interest: Was a British protectorate from the end of World War 1 until 1961.

Christianity: There are a few Kuwaiti believers. As with many of the small Gulf states, numbers are low, perhaps only in the tens.

Mission work: A small number of professionals have based themselves in Kuwait with the objective of sharing Christ. There are some strong expat churches, so the potential is huge!

Prayer requests:

  1. Pray for existing Kuwaiti believers and their discipleship. Pray that they would be grounded in the Word, serious about growing in faith, and have a passion for reaching their own countrymen.
  2. Pray for many Kuwaitis to be drawn to our ministry website and to get in touch with any questions they have about the Christian faith.
  3. Many Kuwaitis carry hurts caused through marriage, divorce, abuse, mental health issues and even unresolved fears from the 1990 invasion (first Iraq war). Pray that they would know God, not as the solver of every problem in a shallow way, but as the bringer of true peace.
  4. More than a few expat Arab believers have a burden for the local people. Pray for opportunities and boldness to share the gospel. Pray also that the rest of the expat/international church would be encouraged to share the gospel. Since many Kuwaitis speak English, there is lots of opportunity!

We also recommend pray-ap.info and operationworld.org.

Statistics and other sources of information: CIA World Factbook and Operation World