Location: North Africa, east of Tunisia and Algeria, west of Egypt, north of Chad and Niger, with Mediterranean Sea coastline

Capital city: Tripoli

Population: 6.5 million

People: 97 percent Berber and Arab, 3 percent other (Greek, Maltese, Italian, Egyptian, etc)

Religion: 97 percent Sunni Muslim, 3 percent other

Point of interest: Libya is referenced many times in the Bible. Simon of Cyrene, who helped Jesus carry the cross (see Matthew 27:32) was a Libyan.

Christianity: There are very few known Libyan believers.

Mission work: There are very few workers.

Prayer requests:

  1. Pray that walls of fear and mistrust would crumble so that Libya’s believers can courageously proclaim and live out their faith in Christ. In the past, their fear of being reported has prevented them from meeting together.
  2. Lift up those who are seeking truth and who now have more freedom to do so. May they be drawn to websites, books and even people who can answer their questions. Pray that each one would be able to openly share – whether online or in person – what is on his or her heart.
  3. There are very few workers in Libya. Pray that workers would have wisdom and discernment as to their movements.
  4. Pray for Libyan believers to stand firm in their faith and to find spiritually edifying relationships – including suitable marriage partners in a society where marriage is typically arranged with extended family.
  5. Pray for us as we train and equip individuals to do follow-up with seekers and new believers in this nation.

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Statistics and other sources of information: CIA World Factbook