Map showing Mauritania

Location: Atlantic coast of North Africa, south of Western Sahara and Algeria, west of Mali, north of Senegal

Capital city: Nouakchott

Population: 3.6 million

People: 40 percent mixed Moor/black, 30 percent Moor, 30 percent black

Religion: 100 percent Muslim (official)

Point of interest: Mauritania has the highest number of slaves of any country worldwide. Although slavery was first abolished more than a century ago, an estimated 20 percent of Mauritania’s population are presently in slavery. They descend from black Africans who were abducted and enslaved.

Christianity: There are few Christians in Mauritania, but among these are some strong and committed believers.

Mission work: A few missionaries serve there, seeking to reach the Mauritanian people with the good news of the gospel.

Prayer requests:

  1. Pray for those who are seeking to bring an end to slavery in Mauritania. Ending slavery is not as simple as making it illegal. Many are happy in slavery because they are treated well and fed by their master. Pray for wisdom in bringing freedom to those who don’t even welcome it.
  2. Pray for the small number of scattered believers – for their growth in number and maturity, and for their protection as they seek to live out their faith.
  3. Pray for those who are faithfully serving the Lord in Mauritania. Pray for their physical protection, for their spiritual health, and for joy and hope in their ministries.

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