Map showing Morocco

Location: West coast of North Africa – east of Algeria, south of Spain, with Mediterranean and Atlantic coastlines. Also administers disputed Western Sahara to south, bordering Mauritania

Capital city: Rabat

Population: 33 million

People: 99 percent Arab and Berber, 1 percent other

Religion: 99 percent Muslim, 1 percent Christian, plus 6,000 Jewish

Point of interest: Many Moroccans do not actually speak Arabic or use it as their first language. More than half the population speaks a Berber language such as Tashelhit.

Christianity: Morocco has a healthy number of believers from a Muslim background.

Mission work: A good number of individuals have made Morocco their home. However, numbers are significantly smaller than a few years ago when many were expelled suddenly.

Prayer requests:

  1. Pray for the family and friends of Moroccan believers – who are all of Muslim background. Pray that rather than resisting and opposing the faith of their loved one, they would genuinely seek to understand why and how they have come to believe in Isa al-Masih (Jesus the Messiah).
  2. Pray for the young people of Morocco, who are attracted by western culture and perhaps open to new ways of thinking. Pray that they would also be open to the claims of Christ, while understanding that the Christian faith is not only a western faith.
  3. Pray that the content of our online ministry website would truly bless Moroccans and lead many on a journey towards salvation. Pray that our site would remain accessible and that we would be sensitive to the Holy Spirit as we upload content for Moroccans.
  4. Pray for strongholds of the Evil One to be broken. Folk Islam is widely practiced in Morocco, even in modern cities. Examples include curses and the evil eye, superstitions, fears of Jinn or demons, and wearing or displaying the hand of Fatima (to ward off evil).

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Statistics and other sources of information: CIA World Factbook