Map showing Oman

Location: Eastern tip of Arabian Peninsula, bordering UAE, Saudi Arabia and Yemen; south, across the Gulf of Oman, from Iran; with Arabian Sea coastline

Capital city: Muscat

Population: 3.3 million

People: 67 percent Omani and other Arab, 17 percent Iranian, 14 percent South Asian, 2 percent other (Filipino, African, European, North American)

Religion: 85 percent Muslim, 6 percent Christian, 5 percent Hindu, 4 percent other

Point of interest: Muscat was occupied by the Portuguese for 143 years between 1507 and 1650.

Christianity: There is only a handful of known believers in Oman, but there is also a presence of expat believers in various locations.

Mission work: Oman has had a presence of missionaries for decades but there is a need for more to join small existing teams.

Prayer requests:

  1. Pray for more workers. Pray for people to get passionate about Oman – a beautiful country and a hospitable nation.
  2. Pray that a network of Omani believers would form for fellowship and spiritual strengthening. Lift up those who live in fear of discovery and pray that they would have courage to meet with others.
  3. Oman is a religiously conservative country and its people are fairly content with the way things are. Pray that the Holy Spirit would stir up a desire for more than contentment – for closeness to God, freedom from sin and absolute assurance of salvation.
  4. Many Omani families have had connections with Christians for decades. Some had parents or grandparents who followed Christ but their faith was not passed on. Pray that the years of sowing and witnessing would again bear fruit within these families.

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