Map showing Qatar

Location: Northern coast of Arabian Peninsula, bordering Saudi Arabia, on the Persian Gulf

Capital city: Doha

Population: 2.2 million

People: 35 percent Qatari, 5 percent foreign Arab, 18 percent Indian, 18 percent Pakistani, 10 percent Iranian, 14 percent other

Religion: 67 percent Muslim, 13 percent Christian, 20 percent other

Point of interest: Has the highest GDP, making Qatar the world’s richest country.

Christianity: Very few believers – maybe fewer than ten.

Mission work: There are very few workers in Qatar and there is very little mission work to speak of.

Prayer requests:

  1. Pray for the major obstacles of wealth and materialism to crumble. Pray that many Qataris would become dissatisfied with their possessions and comfort, and would instead seek truth and freedom in Christ.
  2. Pray for the international Christian expatriate community in Qatar – that all believers would be compelled to share their faith and miss no opportunity to be salt and light among friends, neighbours, employers and work colleagues.
  3. Ask the Lord to send more harvesters to Qatar. Pray that existing teams would be strengthened in number and new teams formed so that there can be more intentional outreach to the Qatari people.
  4. Pray for the small number of Qatari believers. Pray that they may experience fellowship, whether online, with expats or with other Qataris. Pray that a day would soon come when these believers can meet together as a church. Pray that the Lord would be raising up leaders, pastors, evangelists, teachers and more.

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