Saudi Arabia

Map showing Saudi Arabia

Location: Arabian Peninsula, bordering Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, Oman and Yemen. Across the Red Sea from Sudan and Egypt. Across the Persian Gulf from Iran

Capital city: Riyadh

Population: 26 million

People: 90 percent Arab, 10 percent African/Asian

Religion: 100 percent Muslim (official)

Point of interest: Two of Islam’s holiest sites are located in Saudi Arabia. Mecca is the birthplace of Muhammad; Medina is where he is buried. Each year, millions of Muslims come to Mecca to complete the hajj, a pilgrimage and one of the five pillars of Islam.

Christianity: There are very few known believers in Saudi. However, there is evident hunger for the gospel (see final prayer request below) and it is said that there are hundreds or thousands of secret believers there.

Mission work: There are not many Christian workers in Saudi. More are needed, especially those who speak Arabic. Opportunities exist for professionals (medical, engineers, etc).

Prayer requests:

  1. Lift up those whose hearts are open, asking that the Holy Spirit would already be preparing them for a life-changing revelation of Jesus.
  2. Pray that fear, apathy, materialism and other obstacles to the gospel would be removed.
  3. Pray for entire families to be saved, providing fellowship and more capacity for individual spiritual growth.
  4. Pray for workers who follow up with internet contacts. Pray that they would be able to meet with contacts in safety, to answer questions, pray, disciple and strengthen them.
  5. Saudi Arabians are the top group of visitors to our Arabic ministry website. Praise God and pray for wisdom as we engage personally with Saudi seekers, male and female.

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Statistics and other sources of information: CIA World Factbook