Location: North-eastern Africa, bordering Egypt, Libya, Chad, Central African Republic, South Sudan, Ethiopia and Eritrea, with the Red Sea coastline.

Capital city: Khartoum

Population: 36 million

People: Approximately 70 percent Sudanese Arab, remaining 30 percent Fur, Beja, Nuba, Fallata

Religion: Majority Sunni Muslim, small minority of Christians

Point of interest: Sudan was the largest country in Africa and the Arab world until 2011 when South Sudan, predominantly Christian, separated into an independent country. Sudan is now the third largest country in both Africa and the Arab world.

Christianity: Sudan was Christian by the 6th century and Islamised by the 15th. Following the separation of South Sudan in 2011, the majority of Christians relocated to South Sudan (80 percent Christian) while North Sudan remains under Shari’a law.

Mission work: Evangelism is forbidden and Sudanese law prohibits missionaries from evangelising. Although the government expelled 13 NGOs in 2009, some faith-based aid organisations remain present, but find working under the government’s thumb very difficult. Muslims who convert to Christianity can face the death penalty for apostasy. Of 164 people groups represented in Sudan, 132 groups remain unreached.

Prayer requests:

  1. Sudan has known only war for its entire modern history. Pray for sweeping change at the highest levels and throughout the land – for repentance, restitution and rebuilding of communal life.
  2. The least evangelised Darfur region has a long history of violence, genocide and destruction. Pray for the restoration of peace and a normal functioning of life. Pray that NGOs trying to bring aid, who were forced out, might be able to return to help with aid and development.
  3. Northern militias are the main perpetrators of slavery and people-trafficking. An estimated 40,000-100,000 southerners are held in the north as chattel and slaves. Pray that all such wrongs may end, and pray that world leaders may prevail upon all involved to end this wickedness.
  4. Deliberate attempts to eliminate a viable Christian presence are extreme and include bombing of Sunday church services and the destruction of churches, hospitals and schools. Persecution is especially severe in the Nuba mountains. Whole areas have been laid waste and lands seized and given to northerners. Pray that Christians may bear good witness in these sufferings and become spiritually strong as a result.
  5. Pray that the sufferings of Christians might become widely known and that peace, justice and religious freedom may be firmly established.
  6. Increasing numbers of Muslims are turning to Christ. They are often disillusioned by Islam and attracted to Jesus. Pray for more Muslims to turn from Islam and embrace Christianity.
  7. Pray for the calling and preparation of indigenous and expatriate workers to evangelise the many peoples of the north who have never heard the gospel.
  8. Pray for the many Sudanese Christians working to translate the Scriptures. Pray for the rapid completion of these Bibles despite the many obstacles.

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Statistics and other sources of information: CIA World Factbook, Wikipedia