United Arab Emirates

Map showing UAE

Location: Northern coast of Arabian Peninsula, bordering Saudi Arabia and Oman, with Persian Gulf coastline

Capital city: Abu Dhabi

Population: 9.2 million

People: 16.5 percent Emirati Arab, 58.4 percent South Asian, 25.1 percent other (Westerners, East Asians, etc)

Religion: 96 percent Muslim, 4 percent other (Hindu, Christian, etc)

Point of interest: The Burj Khalifa – the world’s tallest building – is located in Dubai.

Christianity: There are plenty of expat Christians in UAE but there are few Emirati believers in this conservative Islamic country.

Mission work: A number of individuals have taken the trouble to learn Arabic before getting a job in UAE with the hope that they can build relationships with locals and share the gospel. Opportunities exist for people to serve while working in business, engineering, medicine, education and more.

Prayer requests:

  1. Pray for the eyes of the Emirati people to be opened to the emptiness and dissatisfaction of material things and wealth. Instead, may they have a burning passion for the truth.
  2. Emiratis do not often look for friendship outside the family sphere. This makes the task of reaching them with the gospel much harder for workers, and means that many Emiratis can only be reached through media. Pray that Emiratis would be drawn to Christian Arabic websites like our own and Christian satellite TV channels.
  3. Lift up workers in UAE, who yearn to build deep relationships with their Emirati friends. Pray that their friends would see more than a foreign culture in them – the love for their Saviour reflected in their lifestyle and character.
  4. Believers in Gulf countries like UAE often want to move abroad, where there is more freedom from persecution and family pressure. Pray that the few Emirati believers in country would have strength and endurance as well as fellowship, so that the church may grow and take root in this land.
  5. Pray for more workers to come and serve in the UAE.
  6. Pray for the Christian Filipino population of UAE to make an impact. Many women come to work as housemaids and so spend a good deal of time around the women of the house. Pray that their faith and hard work would be a demonstration of Christian character.

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Statistics and other sources of information: CIA World Factbook, Wikipedia, WPR