Map showing Yemen

Location: Southern tip of Arabian Peninsula, south of Saudi Arabia, west of Oman, north of Somalia, across the Gulf of Aden

Capital city: Sanaa

Population: 24.7 million

People: 97 percent Arab, 3 percent other (Somali, Ethiopian, South Asian, European)

Religion: 99.9 percent Muslim, 0.08 percent Christian

Point of interest: As many as three quarters of men and a significant number of women are addicted to khat, a narcotic drug that is chewed for hours at a time each day. It takes up a significant portion of people’s incomes, and even the poorest manage to partake, sometimes at the cost of basic needs like food.

Christianity: Not a large number of believers but several fellowships exist.

Mission work: It is challenging for workers as there is a very present threat from Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

Prayer requests:

  1. Pray that the people of Yemen would not be afraid to question their beliefs or search for the truth. Pray that many would be drawn to Jesus and that their search for him would lead them to and other evangelistic ministries.
  2. Pray for the national believers of Yemen, that they may be the foundation of a strong church with generations of believers to come. Pray particularly for more women to come to faith and to mature. There are very few local women believers ready to disciple others.
  3. Pray that the internet would play a key role in showing Yemenis that it is possible to choose and follow Christ. Pray that visitors to our ministry website would find its content stimulating, challenging and engaging.
  4. Pray about the widespread use of the narcotic drug khat. Pray for education about this drug so that people would get off it and lead healthy lives.

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Statistics and other sources of information: CIA World Factbook, Operation World (Biblica Publishing, 2010)