Arab world fashion

Two Emirati women shopping

Take this quiz to test your knowledge of Arab world fashion…

1. What outer-garment are these ladies wearing?

It's an abaya, which is a cloak-like dress worn by women in the Middle East. It is a simple outer-garment that loosely covers the whole body.

2. What is the name of the veil worn by these women?

It's a niqab, worn by women predominantly in the Arabian Peninsula. It covers the face, leaving the area around the eyes clear. It is worn with an accompanying headscarf.

3. What is this clothing commonly worn by Arab men called?

It's a thobe, which is an ankle-length garment. It usually has long sleeves and is very similar to a robe. It is commonly worn in the Arabian Peninsula and Middle East.

4. What is this headdress called?

It's called a ghutra. It is a traditional Middle Eastern headdress, often made from cotton and fashioned from a square scarf. It provides protection from sunburn, dust and sand so is commonly found in arid regions of the Middle East.

5. What is the name of the veil worn by this woman?

It's a burka, which is a traditional Islamic garment worn by women. It is the most concealing veil, covering the whole body and face. A mesh covers the eyes, which can be seen through by the wearer.

6. What is the name of the headdress this woman wears?

The hijab is commonly seen worn by Muslim women in the west. It is a scarf type veil and covers the head and neck leaving the face clear.

7. The burkini, a swimsuit designed for Muslim women, was designed by Aheda Zanetti from where?

Aheda Zanetti was born in Lebanon and now lives in Sydney, Australia. She was inspired to create the burkini after watching her neice struggle to play netball in a traditional hijab. She was determined to design a garment more suitable for muslim women to wear during sport and exercise. The burkini swimsuit covers the whole body except the face, hands and feet. It is light enough to swim in and was designed to respect Islamic traditions of modest dress.

8. The hat worn by this Muslim man is called a what?

It's called a taqiyah, a short rounded skull cap worn by men in Arab countries. Muslims believe that Muhammad used to keep his head covered so this tradition is kept to emulate him. It is often worn during the five daily prayers.