Food in the Arab world


Try not to get hungry…

1. The average Lebanese eats how many olives per year?

The average Lebanese eats 4.5kg of olives every year - yikes!

2. That delicious dip houmous (or hummus) is primarily made from which legume?

Houmous is made from chickpeas! When did you last have some?

3. Which country has McFalafel on their McDonald's menu?

McFalafel is on the menu in McDonald's in Egypt!

4. Ras-el-hanout is a North African what?

Ras-el-hanout is a North African spice mix!

5. The main ingredient in the Middle Eastern salad tabbouleh is what?

Tabbouleh's main ingredient is parsley.

6. What is the most consumed vegetable in the Middle East?

The most consumed vegetable in the Middle East is aubergine.

7. Where in North Africa would you be likely to eat a brik?

You would be in Tunisia. A brik (pronounced 'breek') is a renowned Tunisian dish.

8. What's this tasty sweet pastry called?

It's called baklava and it is delicious. If you haven't tried it before, go and find some! It's available to buy online if you don't have a local Arabian food shop.