A transformed life is all about putting God at the centre. The Christian faith is not just about holding to a set of beliefs, but about being transformed by them. No programme can transform the life of a person or a community the way God can!
We all struggle to live out our faith in daily life. But can you imagine how difficult it is to grasp these kingdom values within a culture that is opposed to Christianity?
Two years ago, the Thomas Reuters Foundation released the results of some research conducted on women’s rights in the Arab world. The report makes for some shock reading: sexual harassment running at rates as high as 99 percent; female genital mutilation as high as 91 percent in Egypt; marital rape not recognised in many of the Gulf countries, as well as Morocco; child marriage and human trafficking endemic in Yemen… Although the report outlines some very positive developments in a number of countries, it clearly shows that humanistic, educational campaigns by the UN and other NGOs have made very little progress in this area.
Across the Arab world, women need to hear the message of God’s love that transforms. Throughout his ministry, Jesus taught that kingdom values should transform what we know and understand. Many times, he said, You have heard it said, but I say…
At the beginning of the year, Arab World Media launched a project for women at risk as part of our Love Never Fails initiative. The goal underlying the project is for women to hear the message: You matter to God. God is a God who sees you, no matter what odds you face! It is only when this message takes root, assuring them of their identity and value in Christ, that genuine transformation will take place.
The internet has become a catalyst for social change in the Arab world. Arab World Media is using this tool to bring hope and life to women in need. At present, we are rolling out a whole range of self-help video modules to assist women in dealing with some of the horrific things they have faced. As well as producing and delivering compelling and innovative content that tackles many of these challenges, Arab World Media also gives people access to sympathetic responders for emotional and spiritual support.
With a broad social media outreach, we are able to speak biblical truths that will change people’s beliefs, behaviour and feelings over the course of time. We rejoice in each life that is touched, like the woman who wrote the following:
You were always with me and helped me through my hard times more than the people who are always around me. I was desperate and had no hope of success in my life. I felt so excited when I read your article entitled ‘Fear of Failure’. I thank God because you were with me and gave me hope. I thank everyone who made any effort in writing and publishing this article to let me and others know that life will never stop because of one crisis or bad situation, and God is with us…
Or the young man from Algeria who wrote in response to a video on abuse leading to homosexuality:
I don’t really know where to start… First of all, I thought that any victim of sexual abuse is done for life and will be gay forever, until I discovered your page and saw that there is an organisation saying that life could be different for people who suffered from this kind of abuse. I carry a lot of terrible memories of my past life and I am now 30 and still suffer.
Please read the latest report on the impact of the women at risk project. Thank you for your prayers and support on behalf of women in the Arab world.