From the Director of Arab World Media
Over the last 12 years, I have had the wonderful privilege of serving as Director of Arab World Media. During this time, tremendous changes have taken place – both in the Arab world and in the world of media. A new era of openness has dawned among Muslims and God has provided incredible opportunities for us to share the gospel with them. I am truly grateful to God for using and enabling the ministry of Arab World Media to have a significant impact in the hearts of many Muslim seekers, and I rejoice over each one who has turned to Christ.
A few months ago, the International Director of Pioneers invited me to consider taking on a new role as a Regional Leader in Pioneers. The role entails providing leadership of Pioneers’ ministry in 14 Arab world countries as well as Arab World Media.
While this has not been an easy decision to make, especially after having been Director of Arab World Media for so long, my wife and I are deeply conscious that God is leading us into a new season of ministry that includes more and wider responsibilities. We are incredibly grateful for what God has done in and through us over the last decade. To him be all the glory!
My term as Director of Arab World Media will end on 30 September 2016, and my service as Regional Leader will start the following day, on 1 October. The Board of Arab World Media has begun the search process for a new Director. A new or interim Director will be announced on 1 October.
We covet your prayers as we all go through this time of transition. Please pray that I may finish my current responsibilities well and that we will be refreshed and prepared for the new role. Pray also that a new Director for Arab World Media can be identified and appointed soon, and that the Media team will move smoothly through this time of change.
Thank you for faithfully partnering with us throughout these past years. Please keep on praying for the continued growth of God’s Kingdom in the Arab world. We have so much to look forward to!