Has your heart ever been stirred as you listened to someone recount their journey to faith in Christ? Whenever I catch a glimpse of God’s power at work in the life of an individual, my heart is moved. I am touched when I read the stories of Jesus’ encounters with the Samaritan woman, with the woman caught in adultery, and with the centurion soldier; I am also touched when I hear current-day testimonies of people who have been drawn to God. Whenever we see God’s power shine through a life, in spite of its brokenness, struggles and failings, something is stirred deep within us, and God is glorified.

This is what Arabian Dawn is all about. For the last two years, Arab World Media has been on a journey to record and produce the incredible stories of people from the Arabian Peninsula who have come to faith in Jesus Christ. So far we have produced six of these stories, and we are currently working on an additional three testimonies.
These videos capture the miracle of God’s call upon people who come from places like the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Bahrain – places where individuals, community and the state are all hostile to the gospel. Just as Jesus demonstrated the power of God at work as he engaged with people, it is our prayer that this project will demonstrate God’s power at work in the Arab world – and that many Muslims who see these testimonies will understand that people in the Arab world can turn to Christ. It is our prayer that they, too, will hear God’s voice speaking to them.
We do need your help to make this possible. Would you like to partner with us in producing one or two of these testimonies? Each testimony costs between $7000 (USD) and $8000 (USD), a price that includes extra costs incurred for the use of special technology needed to protect the identity of these brothers and sisters in Christ. Your partnership with us today can bring hope in an intensely chaotic and antagonistic part of the world. You can give online or visit your nearest Pioneers website for more information on how to give. Thank you for partnering with Arab World Media.