Last month, we shared some statistics and stories from our first quarter report, which we hope you found encouraging. We reported that 109 people had professed faith in Christ to one of our responders in the first three months of the year. Since then, that number has come even closer to overtaking last year’s total of 151. If God continues to use our team in this way, we could see almost three times as many professions of faith in 2017 as there were in 2016. Amazing!
Another encouraging sign is the number of people watching or downloading our self-help video modules. The launch of our Discover Yourself app (which streams these videos) back in December went well. It has now been downloaded more than 15,000 times. This is in addition to the 25,000 who watched the videos on YouTube!
The messages our responders receive and the conversations they have can be difficult. Many individuals are confused, depressed and angry. Some are trapped in difficult situations, while others are struggling to make sense of what they believe. It’s difficult to step away from Islam!

No limits!

The most exciting thing about our ministry is that no one is beyond reach, either physically or mentally. Mobile technology leaves very few without access to our ministry platforms*. And even the staunchest Muslim can begin to question their beliefs and misconceptions about Christians when they receive a loving response to their angry message.
Our ministry approach is not aggressive (because very few people change their opinion under attack). We know the Holy Spirit is really the engineer of people’s conversions; we just help identify spiritual seekers, planting and watering seeds with engaging content. We present the truth, which speaks for itself.

On a practical note…

Arab World Media is completely reliant on gifts from individuals, churches and foundations to keep its ministry going. Although some team members raise support through their own churches, an increasing number of our workers are from Arab nations, where the church doesn’t have the capacity to support them. We use advertising to draw people in to our online platforms. Additionally, we have offices to run and equipment to buy and maintain.
We are grateful for all the financial gifts we receive and the exciting things they enable us to do. Would you consider joining others who passionately support us by making a one-off or regular gift?
We can receive gifts through PayPal (UK) as well as through Pioneers offices in a number of countries. No gift is too small. Please prayerfully consider what yours might be.
With thanks,
The Arab World Media team

*We use websites, social media, apps and instant messaging services
to engage with people and connect them with the gospel.