Last month, we began a new prayer initiative called Breakthrough. One of the countries we prayed for was Chad, where fear is a stronghold – fear of all kinds of things, such as change, people and demons.

Last week, a worker shared a short, encouraging story of breakthrough, which you can read on our website. It demonstrates in a small way the difference God’s people are making in the lives of locals as well as the importance of undergirding their work with prayer.

Here in Chad, burns in small children are common and often deadly. Last year, the son of our neighbour was burned and died.

On Saturday, that same boy’s father was at my house when he received a call… His nephew, living in one of the nearby villages, had been burned by boiling water. We immediately hopped into my truck and drove out there.

Thankfully, I had learned a bit about treating burns from when our son was severely burned a few years back. Thankfully, tomato paste and dry tea leaves – a local technique for treating burns – had not been applied. I was able to clean the wound, put aloe on it, and bring the mother and son back to our town to stay with family. Each morning I go over to change the dressings, and by God’s grace new, healthy skin is growing, infection free!

As you can imagine, this is a testimony to this family, so we are trying to make the most of the occasion by sharing with them the hope we have in Christ.

Give thanks that this family has been willing to accept a new way of treating the burns their son has received and pray for continued healing. Pray too that they would be more open to accepting Jesus Christ as their Saviour.