We can provide answers to searching hearts but we need your help. Post Arab Spring, the promise that ‘Islam is the solution’ is wearing thin. Social media has repeatedly exposed the undesirable face of Islam. The attempted assassination of school girl Malala Yousafzai by the Taliban, the rape and abuse of hundreds of Syrian women and girls in refugee camps, and the kidnapping of more than 200 school girls in Nigeria by Boko Haram are just a few of the many news items revealing the objectionable side. In Tunisia, the assassination of the opposition leader Mohamed Brahmi in 2013 was the deciding factor in the rejection of the Islamist party.

Disillusionment is causing Muslims in the Arab world to ask questions, including whether or not Christians have the answer to their spiritual needs. They turn to the internet to access information in relative anonymity. As Christian believers, we have the opportunity of a lifetime to share the gospel of peace at a crucial time in their history. Throughout Ramadan, our online ministry will run six short prayer videos in response to fundamental questions that disillusioned Muslims are asking of Christianity. Questions such as, Do you feel far from God? or Are you listening, God? This series of videos will challenge them to consider the gospel of truth.
Our online ministry uses a seeker-centric approach. By acquiring an understanding of what peoples’ felt needs are (spiritual, emotional and physical), we then present them with content that meets those needs, thereby removing perceived barriers to the gospel. The aim of this approach is to meet the right need at the right time by answering the right question using the right communication channel. In this way, the gospel message begins to make sense to their searching heart. We want to continue to produce thought provoking videos and answer the spiritual questions of Arabs on the internet. To do this, we need your financial support for specialised production of content and videos, marketing and advertising, response and follow-up personnel, and materials. Would you consider giving a financial gift? This funding will increase our capacity to respond to searching hearts.
You can give online or visit your nearest Pioneers website for more information on how to give.