Have you ever thought about what you would like to see God do among Muslims? Today we will reconsider as we think about specific desires and burdens we have on our hearts for this vast group of unreached peoples.

Prayer matters

Woman prayingAs Christians, we know that God is interested in our lives and that he wants us to spend quality time with him on a regular basis. Prayer is not just about asking for things, but when we do make requests (for ourselves or for other people and situations), we often lay out the details before him, even though he knows them already. As we pray from the longings of our heart for what we think needs to happen, God hears us. Sharing our heart’s desires with our heavenly Father is an important part of our relationship with him. We know from history as well as from our own personal experience that his answers to prayer are often different to what we expect – but we also know we can trust him to do what is best.
Sometimes God is waiting to give us something we only need to ask for. James wrote, ‘You do not have, because you do not ask’ (James 4:2). What if we do not see God doing the things we want him to do among Muslims because we do not ask? If we took time to think about specific things we want to see, rather than praying about vague ideas, do you think we would see a difference?

From the heart to the mouth

Heart shapeEvery prayer we pray should come from our heart. Praying for God to bless Muslims is nice, but what does it mean and how do we measure it? Praying for God to save many Muslims is good (we should do this) but what is ‘many’ – a hundred, a thousand, a million? If we don’t get specific, we’re not going to see specific results!
Today, ask yourself what you want to see God do. If you’re not sure, consider what led you to take part in Rethinking Ramadan or think about something that struck you in one of our previous posts.
Whatever you pray, don’t hesitate to ask God to do wonderful things among Muslims. Maybe he’s waiting for you right now…

What to do now

Write down one or more specific prayer requests on a sheet of paper. Put it on display or keep it in your Bible so that you’ll be regularly reminded to pray and check for signs of progress. Let us know what you have been praying.


I’m praying for a whole Muslim family to be saved this Ramadan!

Don’t forget!

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Tomorrow we reassess with a true or false quiz.