When I was at university, I had a Muslim friend. She would always be telling me to contemplate. It came across light-hearted, but I think she really wanted me to be thinking about spiritual things. At the time, I was running away from God, so I didn’t engage with her. I missed many opportunities to speak truth into her life.
That was my first friendship with a Muslim, and now when I look back, I recognise how important it was. Today, even though I can see that Muslims live in spiritual darkness, I know that they are not all spiritually dry. This gives me lots of hope as I pray for the Light of the World to come into their lives.

Young Muslim woman prayingWhat to do now

Today, as we remember Muslims in prayer, let’s pray with knowledge and faith. Muslims want to please God and believe they are doing so. Millions of them are suffering today without food and water because of this desire. They are blind and desperately need to hear the truth. The truth will set them free!

  • Pray that the power of Ramadan would be broken day by day. Ask the Lord to reveal the emptiness of the fast to many as they take part in it.
  • Pray that the stronghold of honour and shame would diminish, giving individuals courage to question their beliefs and explore other options.
  • Pray for Muslims who practice Folk Islam, having superstitious beliefs in things like the evil eye, curses, jinn (evil spirits) and praying to saints. Pray that Satan’s grip on people’s lives would be loosened.
  • Pray that there would be many fruitful conversations today between Christians and Muslims. According to this Zwemer Center report 86 percent of Muslims haven’t had personal contact with a Christian. Ask that God would bring this percentage down!
  • Pray for our online ministry. In years past, our website has come under attack during Ramadan, so we would covet your prayers of protection. May our website be available to all who are seeking the truth. May our team of responders receive strength and grace as they spend hours each day in conversation with all kinds of people.

Don’t forget!

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Tomorrow, as we rediscover, we’ll be looking at Islamic beliefs about prophets. Be ready to learn something new!