Today is our day to reassess, which is basically a fun way of testing our knowledge. We begin with some general questions about the Arab world. Have fun…
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What to do next

How did you do? Did you learn anything new? Your challenge today is to go and find out more about one of the subjects. For instance, you could read the biblical account of the Queen of Sheba (1 Kings 10:1-13) and then do some research on what scholars have unearthed.
Follow this, perhaps, with a time of prayer. Staying with the Queen of Sheba topic, you could pray for her ‘home town’, modern-day Marib, which has been referred to as the Al-Qaeda capital of Yemen. Just a suggestion today.

Don’t forget!

Make a comment below or use social media to let us know how you found the quiz. Use the hashtag #RethinkingRamadan.

Tomorrow, as we remember, we’ll be focussing on spiritual darkness. Get ready to pray (and fast too if you like).