It’s the final day of Rethinking Ramadan and we wrap up with a quick look at Eid al-Fitr
Men in Dubai breaking the fast with the iftar

Breaking the fast

Eid al-Fitr means ‘festival of breaking of the fast’. It is a happy occasion of generosity and hospitality. It begins tonight as the sun sets and is celebrated over one to three days. In Muslim countries, people will get time off work and schools will be closed. Homes will be decorated and people will wear their best clothes. Lots of food will be consumed and gifts of money will be given to charity. Special congregational prayers will be said at the mosque.
Another Ramadan has come and gone and people will be happy to get back to a normal routine. Those who have kept the fast will have a big sense of achievement and be strengthened in their faith. Some will perhaps feel discouraged because they still have no assurance that their good deeds have earned them any favour with God. Christian believers from a Muslim background will be relieved that the pressure to fast is gone, though life is never easy.
Today, let’s pray once again for salvation to come to Muslims, wherever they may be. Pray that no amount of food or drink would disguise their hunger or thirst for God’s love. Lift up those who already have doubts about Islam. May today mark the beginning of an amazing journey to faith in Jesus.

Answered prayers

Happy Muslim woman
This past month, many Christians worldwide have prayed for Muslims to seek and find the truth. We know that our prayers make a difference, but there is evidence too… During Ramadan at least* forty-six people prayed to accept Jesus with one of Arab World Media’s responders. Wow!
We clearly see the Holy Spirit bringing more Muslims into his family. Praise God for this wonderful news and lift up our new family members. The next few months may be a challenge, but with support and encouragement these people will be firmly rooted in Christ.

Paper thought bubbleWhat to do now

Now is the time to look back and reflect on the past thirty days. Has anything changed for you since day one?
On day seven, we asked you to write down the first word that came into your mind when you heard the word Muslim. If you did this, please fish out that piece of paper. Does that same word still apply?
We’d love to know how God has worked in your heart this Ramadan. Has he given you any specific words or pulled you in any particular direction? Do you perhaps sense a call to do something new? If we can help in any way, please get in touch.

Thank you

Thank you so much for sticking with the challenge. We’ve heard some of your thoughts already and are glad to know that much of the content has been appreciated.
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*This was written a few days before the end of Ramadan, so the numbers will likely be more than forty-six!