We’ve prayed for women and we’ve prayed for men. Now it’s finally time to remember the children of the Arab world…
Children under the age of fourteen make up almost a third of the Arab world’s population. That’s approximately 120 million boys and girls, most of whom are being raised by Muslim parents. Let’s pray for them today!


Refugee boy
A UNICEF study of eleven countries of the Arab world reveals that one in four children live in poverty. In these specific countries* they found at least 29 million children are ‘deprived of the minimum requirements in two or more of the most basic life necessities including basic education, decent housing, nutritious food, quality health care, safe water, sanitation and access to information’.

  • Lift up the Arab world children who are living in poverty, praying that their futures would not to be sealed by their present.
  • Pray for situations to improve, particularly in war-torn countries. Pray for peace so that lives can be restored.
  • Pray for the governments and leaders of all Arab nations to prioritise fighting poverty. Pray that NGOs and aid agencies would have access where they are needed, and ask that local authorities and people of influence would be open to changing their approach.
  • Pray that those who are materially poor would find eternal hope in Jesus.

Toddler behind barbed wire fence


More than half of the world’s refugees are children, and though not all are Arab Muslims, the largest population by nationality is Syrians. There are also smaller numbers of Iraqi and Yemeni refugees.
These children have no home or sense of belonging. Many of them have witnessed atrocious things, have lost relatives or have been injured themselves. They have nothing and now they live in unsafe camps or inadequate housing. They are at great risk of being exploited and abused.

  • Pray for the safety of child refugees. Pray that every child would be in an environment where they can play, learn and thrive.
  • Pray for long term solutions to housing needs.
  • Pray for access to counselling for those who need it.

Girl reading Qur'anEducation

The same UNICEF report found that education is a big driving factor in poverty, with a quarter of five to seventeen-year-olds not enrolled in school. Although this does not represent the whole of the Arab world, it is a significant finding.
Those that do get an education are not necessarily receiving a good one. Many parts of the Arab world have improved their standards but some are still lagging behind. Additionally, methods of teaching do not necessarily encourage free and critical thinking.

  • Pray that each government would recognise the importance of good quality education for all and make increased efforts to prioritise it.
  • Pray that education would break the cycle of poverty for many.
  • Pray that children in the Arab world would be able to express their thoughts about the world, questioning everything!

Muslim children are immersed in Islam from an early age, but even little ones may be curious to know why they are taught to believe certain things. Pray that seeds would be sown in Arab Muslim children as they grow and learn. Pray that they would ask questions and be curious about God, encouraging each other to find out more about faith and spiritual beliefs.

*Algeria, Comoros, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Mauritania, Morocco, the State of Palestine, Sudan, Tunisia and Yemen.

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