This subject could take us in several different directions, but today, as we reconsider, we’ll look at how the church should respond from where it is. We begin by looking at an example…

German villageAwestruck in Germany

Last year, one of our team members visited a friend in a small, rural German town. While there, he learned that some local Christians were reaching out to Muslim refugees. He put us in touch with this group of believers, who had been running a course called The Journey*. We have close links with the group behind the course and actively promote it – even using it as a ministry tool ourselves – so we were thrilled to read what the group shared.
Running the course had been transformational. They saw God provide for their needs, and they also witnessed hearts being changed. Here’s a quote from the report, which you can read in full here
It is hard to describe how awestruck we still are about God’s work in people’s lives. We experienced countless miracles just to make it possible to run the course and keep it going. But nothing compares to the miracle of the revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ in a person’s heart. His plans of salvation are perfect and beautiful! All honour to him!

Thinking it through

What do you think about the above example? To me, this group of people modelled what the church should be. Even though they came from a variety of churches, they worked as one. They stepped out in faith and saw the Holy Spirit move. They loved, despite language and cultural differences.
Do you see churches in your area responding to Muslims like this? What are they doing? Is it enough, or could there be more? We know of some great things being done in the West – Bible stalls, community clubs, English language lessons and much more. But most Christians are unaware of how easy it is to talk about faith with a Muslim. Perhaps if they were aware, they would be bolder in their approach and more willing to reach out.
The Journey course is being widely used inside as well as outside the Arab world. It is hugely effective because it centres on biblical characters whom Muslims already know about. Pray that more churches will step out in faith and run a course themselves. Pray for those who are already doing this to be encouraged as they see lives transformed.

Question mark on chalk boardWhat to do now

Today is a day for thinking about what you and your church could (or even should) be doing to reach out to Muslims. Let us know of any ideas you might have!
If you want to know more about running a Journey course, get in touch and we’ll link you up with a representative.
If you live in an area with only a few or no Muslims, you can still be involved through the powerful tool of prayer. Pray that churches would step up where they need to, reaching out in love to their Muslim neighbours.

Don’t forget!

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Tomorrow we reassess with a quiz about Arab world fashion!

*The Journey is a video-based course, designed for Arab world Muslims, taking them through the Old Testament to discover the truth about the coming Messiah, Jesus.