We get a lot of people writing to us through our online ministry website. Some have a genuine interest in the Christian faith, while others want to defend their Islamic beliefs. Here’s a translation of one such message…

Can any sensible person believe this nonsense? Came down!! Became an embryo!! Was born!! Ate, drank, urinated!! Then grew up, became a man and was in the form of God!! And then he was struck, insulted and killed.

And then who is this Paul? A Jew who twisted the religion of the first Christians and said that Jesus was the son of God.

Anyway, you say that you read my message carefully. Are you capable of discussing what I said? If so, then let’s leave these questions about Christ and start on the heart of the matter, which you run away from. Let’s ask each other questions and see if we can answer. Here is the first one:

‘Do you consider the Quran to be a book from God or from men?’

Please answer frankly. Thank you for your openness. I am waiting for your reply and I am ready to answer your questions.

Please pray for this Saudi man. The person in contact with him says, ‘We are still in correspondence, with mutual respect, but each of us firm in his faith position! So it really needs the Holy Spirit to work in his heart.’