Over the years we have encountered many stories of people in the Muslim world who have come to faith through a vision or dream about Jesus. From 15 September  until 15 October, our online ministry is reaching out specifically to those whom God is drawing to himself through dreams and visions.
Through a short video testimony on our website and Facebook page, along with ads on Google and Facebook, people are encouraged to share with us if they’ve had a dream or vision. The advertisements link to a landing page with a short video testimony of Khasroo, who had a vision of Jesus that changed his life. Although this video is in Arabic, you will get the gist of the story without understanding the words.

Those who respond to the ads are asked to describe a dream they have had about Jesus and leave their name and email address. They are then directed to a thank you page where they can download a small book about interpreting dreams. Everyone who describes a dream will receive a personal online reply from one of our six response team members, who are located in three countries. They can also call a phone number where national Arabic speakers will engage with them.
Those who leave their contact details but do not describe a vision or dream will be followed up through a series of emails over a number of weeks that will direct them to a video testimony and give them a link to a video about Joseph and dream interpretation. They will be encouraged to contact our follow-up team, if they have not already done so, and asked if the Dreams book and articles that they previously downloaded helped them to understand the meaning of their dream.
We have been especially struck by how many women have replied. Normally the majority of our correspondents are men. How would you respond to someone telling you about one of the following dreams?

  • Being chased, calling out for help, unable to move
  • Seeing dead relatives – or dreaming that someone you know has died
  • A funeral procession was passing and the mourners were all wearing white – they gave out a great light and everyone was amazed.
  • Performing religious rituals
  • Getting pregnant or having a child
  • Seeing snakes
  • I saw Jesus and he gave me a drink and bread.
  • I saw Jesus many times in my dreams and once I heard his voice calling me by name.

Our response team needs wisdom – and to find time – to answer each one in a way that conveys God’s love for them and points them to how they can find peace and forgiveness in Christ. Please pray:

  • That all the technology will run smoothly and be protected from hackers and those who would seek to sabotage
  • For the team of responders to have wisdom, discernment and love for the people who are writing and calling in response to the ads
  • That God would continue to draw people of the Muslim world to himself through dreams and visions
  • That those who have had a dream or vision will overcome their fear and have the courage to contact our ministry team