By the director of Arab World Media
My name is Rafid. I come from a traditional tribe of Bedouin descent. We are a very close-knit and extremely conservative family. We live in a rural community where everyone knows everyone else’s business, in a very oil-rich country. My family, my tribe, and my country will not tolerate anyone who dares to follow the Jesus of the Bible.
I came to faith in Jesus Christ four years ago after becoming extremely disillusioned with Islam, but as far as I know, I am the only one in this community who follows Christ. I dare not share my faith with anyone – not even my wife or children – though I long for the day when they too will follow Jesus as the Messiah of the world.
I read the Bible on my smart phone and I pray, but I have no fellowship with anyone. I am actually quite lonely. I would so much like to study the Bible and regularly meet with someone to learn more about Christ, but there is nobody here to meet with me.
Friends and supporters of Arab World Media, it was a bittersweet experience for me to meet Rafid just a few weeks ago. A friend and I were the first believers he had seen in well over a year. You should have seen his face when he realised that we were brothers in the Lord! I was deeply moved as I recognised how lonely he is and how vitally important it is for him to have fellowship with other believers. But what opportunities are there for him to have fellowship? His only link to the outside world is the once-in-a-blue-moon meeting with a Christian worker like myself – and, of course, media.
I was thrilled to be able to sit down with Rafid and show him some of the materials available through our online ministry. He was intrigued by The 49 Steps, an online course on persecution, as well as the section of Frequently Asked Questions. He was so grateful to discover that he could access Christian music as well as join a mentored online Bible study programme. I saw afresh how valuable media is for someone like Rafid. Through media we can encourage believers and help them grow in their faith. We can do this even for those living in some of the most isolated, most conservative and most hostile countries on the planet.
Thank you for your prayers and your financial support that makes this possible. Please continue to stand with the Love Never Fails initiative for the sake of Rafid, and many others like him. Will you ask God to encourage his heart today?

*Name has been changed to protect individual’s identity.