During summer certain parts of Europe become very popular holiday destinations for Arab world Muslims. Since many of these individuals come from hard-to-reach countries it’s important to make the most of any opportunities that may arise to share the gospel with them.
You may already know that it’s fairly easy to speak about spiritual matters with Muslims, but it is even easier when they are away from the glare of their community. Many are really curious to know more about the Bible, but they don’t know where to start. You can’t go out and buy a Bible in Saudi Arabia!

Backs of two Arab menAn opportunity to encourage

Summer outreaches have been taking place in different parts of Europe for many years now. This year, a few members of our team are travelling to different locations to partner with churches and groups that are actively reaching out. Being native Arabic speakers, they will have the advantage of language as well as cultural understanding. They will be able to encourage local churches, sharing their knowledge and experience, and they will be able to link seekers up with someone in their own country, if they wish to go further.
As an organisation we are partnering with others in publicising events in different locations so that those travelling to Europe on holiday can be aware of what’s taking place where they are. We’ll also have resources for people to take home.

Pray with us

This is such an exciting time. We ask you to pray that the Lord would go with our team members, filling them with his Spirit to overflowing. Pray against any obstacles Satan might throw at them, such as ill health, discouragement, distraction and doubt. Pray that seeds would be sown in many hearts, but also for a time of harvest.
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