Dirasa (Study) is the name of our new Facebook app, due to be launched in January 2014. The purpose of the app is to engage seekers and new believers in online Bible study.
We already have a couple of courses on our ministry website, but with Facebook proving to be an increasingly popular way for Arab world Muslims to connect with us, the time has come to make this facility available without the necessity of leaving Facebook.
The app will be launched with two programmes:
1. Seven Days of Grace, a series of seven short clips from the Jesus film followed by questions.
2. One God One Way, a ten-lesson programme with multiple-choice questions that takes the student through the whole Bible from Genesis to Revelation, clearly explaining God’s plan of salvation.
We will soon begin advertising the app on our website and through our Facebook page. If the two courses prove popular, we hope to be able to add more soon after.
Please pray with us for this app to attract many people who would benefit from it. Pray that it would prove helpful to those who use it. Also pray that people will share the app with friends.