From a Pioneers field worker in North Africa
As the Bible says, ‘So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God’ (Romans 10:17), one of our team’s objectives is to expose people to God’s Word as we interact with them. We often invite those who show interest to gather with their family, friends, and others to discuss with us what the Bible says. Recently the Lord opened a door for me to visit with my friend Fadoul* and some other women in her house. We had taken up our typical position of sitting on the mat on the floor when Pierrette took my phone and started to look at it. She found my music selection and I asked her if she wanted to hear something in Arabic. She nodded her head and I began to play some of the audio of Old Testament stories in Arabic. Pierrette, Fadoul and Angela listened intently. They are familiar with the stories of creation, Abraham and Joseph as told in the Qur’an, which means it isn’t a big jump for them to be open to hearing them from the Bible.

As I sat there thinking, ‘Wouldn’t it be great if these women could hear it all at this moment? I wish they could inhale all of it, so they might know the truth and be set free. Should I let them keep listening to the Old Testament, or should I suggest that they also listen to some of Jesus’ words?’ At times like this, I feel completely dependent on his Spirit to lead and guide me and to give faith to my friends.
I decided to ask if they would like to hear some of Jesus’ words, and they nodded their heads. Another worker here had recently said they had found the local people very interested in the Sermon on the Mount; thus I decided to play the audio from Matthew 5 and 6. The women sat and appeared to really listen. One of the ladies said, ‘These are really wise words’. As I got up to leave at the end of our visit, one of the ladies handed me her SD card and asked me, ‘Can you please put all these stories on my phone?’
Taking the SD card home, my husband and I prayed about what would be best to put on the card. We didn’t want to overwhelm them, so we decided to put the Book of Luke, along with some chronological Bible stories, all in Arabic.
The next day as I went to deliver the SD card, Sylviane put the card into her radio and began playing the Book of Luke. Over the course of two hours, Sylviane, Pierrette and at least a handful of kids listened to the first several chapters of the Book of Luke. When I departed, I said ‘God’s Word is so good.  It is like honey on my lips!’  They smiled.
Please pray with us that these women will desire the truth of his Word and will be given the faith to believe. We are asking the Lord to cause these women to have questions about what they are listening to and that they will want to study his Word together. Pray that He will give our friends dreams and visions of his Word as a means of confirming its truth. Pray that one day many of our neighbours will say, ‘His words are like honey on my lips.’
* Pseudonyms have been used for all names