A Pioneer in the Middle East writes…
One new believer called us frantically after returning home to see that their house had been broken into. Many items were stolen, but a laptop they didn’t own was the most irreplaceable item. We prayed together, asking God to provide. The next morning, a knock came at the door and a young man with a forlorn look apologized for stealing and returned the items. Our friend forgave him and even invited him in for a drink. Is this God at work or what! 
In North Africa, another Pioneer writes…
My neighbour Rana* was good friends with Ambreen* till about a month ago when Ambreen stole some of her money. Since then Ambreen has been avoiding Rana – and me by virtue of my relationship with her.
This problem caused no little stress for Rana, who needed the money but was also mourning the loss of her friendship. It was all she could talk about, and I could tell it was making her very unhappy. At one point I shared with her that only God can change her friend’s heart and get her money back. She then let me pray with her about the problem.
Later that week, Rana told me that after trying and trying to meet up with Ambreen to get her money back, she had decided to stop trying and to wait for God to work it out. Last Friday, she came home after being gone all day and told me that God had made life sweet for her again. Through a series of interactions that she could only attribute to God, she met up with her friend, and after spending the day with her was able to get most of her money back. She said, ‘I’ve been thanking God all day, because I know that He answered our prayers.’
Would you be willing to let a debt go as Rana did? Would you invite a burglar in for tea? These two stories are an inspiration to all in a world where people quite understandably demand justice here and now. They also show us that God is raising up disciples, not just converts.
Praise God for the spiritual maturity demonstrated by these two individual believers. Pray that their grace-full responses would make a lasting impact on the people to whom they are reaching out.

* Names have been changed.
Image used for illustration.