The statistics

In Egypt, 99.3 percent of women have experienced sexual harassment. More than 27 million are victims of female genital mutilation.
Thousands of displaced Iraqi women have been forced into prostitution.
In Saudi Arabia, UAE and Algeria, marital rape is not recognised as a crime, and in many countries other rape victims can be charged with adultery.
In Syria, 4,000 cases of rape and sexual mutilation have been officially reported, but these represent just a small portion of a widespread weapon of war.
There is no legal minimum age for marriage in Yemen and only 53 percent of girls finish primary school.
In Gaza City, 51 percent of women experienced domestic violence in 2011 alone.
In Bahrain, a woman’s testimony is worth half of a man’s in an Islamic court.


These are just some of the horrifying statistics to be found in a November report on women’s rights in the Arab world. Produced by the Thomson Reuters Foundation, Egypt, Iraq and Saudi Arabia are rated the worst countries in the Arab world to be a woman in 2013.
Abuse and mistreatment at this level, coupled with the knock-on effects of depression, anxiety and other mental health problems, puts a huge strain on any counselling resources that may be available. With such high levels of trauma, we feel we must step in and provide a Christian response to those who are suffering, including practical resources to help women face these enormous pressures and challenges.

Binding up the broken hearted

Throughout 2014, Arab World Media will address key issues for women through a range of articles, video clips, visual art and short interviews in their heart language of Arabic, expressing Christian truth in a culturally relevant way. In addition we will collaborate with mental health professionals to develop 12 self-help modules for women of the Arab world, to help them tackle the issues they face every day. We will also provide telephone and other points of contact to offer personal encouragement and interaction.
The result will be that more men and women will become informed through media about abuses that are currently so prevalent. They will be challenged to look at things the way Jesus did. Victims will see themselves in a new light and will be empowered to help themselves. With God’s grace, a secret revolution will take place in the hearts of women that will transform lives and communities across the Arab world.

Help us make a difference

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