We asked several members of the Media team what their highlight was for 2014. Here are their replies…
I think a highlight of 2014 for me was launching the Live Chat module on our website. Our response team first requested this at our meetings in June, and it was finally launched in late October. Since then we’ve seen hundreds of visitors making use of it, with several actually giving their lives to Christ during a chat session.

Web Developer

I think a highlight for me was launching the first of our self-help modules for women, on depression. I was excited to get this tool into people’s hands. It was amazing to see that in one month from the time it was launched, the self-help video was downloaded over 16,000 times! It is wonderful to think of people looking at this on their phones, sharing it with friends, bringing hope and help into dark corners all over the Arab world.

Online Ministry Director

In May 2014 I spent a week in Morocco. I met with two believers and showed them how to use our email response system, which handles responses from a wide range of Christian ministries, including our ministry website. I was only able to spend a couple of hours with them. An ongoing highlight for me since then has been to see them replying to messages sent in by fellow Moroccans. It is great to see how they address the problems and questions. I admire their zeal in wanting to bring the message of the gospel to their fellow countrymen. They have been able to request personal follow-up visits for several correspondents. I keep in touch with them and help them with any technical problems. May the Lord continue to bless their replies!

Response Team Specialist

For the few years that I worked in the poorest Islamic nation, life was often difficult but I knew I was there because God had clearly called me. I often prayed, ‘Lord, are you here? Are you working among these people?’ When I joined the Media team last year, I discovered that God was definitely at work in this land that I loved – but it was happening online! In a land where you’re forbidden to question the status quo, where were they going to ask their questions? On the internet! And Arab World Media was providing the answers through its Arabic language website and multiple social media platforms.

Communications Team member

For me the highlight of 2014 was when a woman from the Gulf came to faith in the Far East. Seeing her followed up was truly amazing to me. This illustrates so well that God always shows up for Muslims who truly seek him.  

Director Arab World Media

Fifteen-year-old Majdi* from Morocco contacted Adel* through our ministry website. He found our phone number and began texting us. Here is how the conversation went…
Majdi: Can you tell me about Jesus?
Adel: Yes, he is a Saviour and he helps you and me to be saved from our sin.
Majdi: Do you worship three gods?
Adel: No, we worship one God.
Majdi: Have you ever met or seen Jesus before?
Adel: No, but I hear him talking to me and I read his Word. I’m in a relationship with him.
Majdi: I dreamed about him last night; I heard him saying ‘Follow me’. What does it mean to follow Jesus?
Adel: You need to listen to him, read his Word and obey him. You need to tell him, ‘Lord, talk to me. I am your servant, listening to you.’
Majdi: Does that mean that I need to convert and be a Christian?
Adel: Yes, if you feel prompted to.
Majdi: If I tell my family about this, it will be difficult for me, but my dad loves me and has an open mind. I will share this news with him and come back to you.
Adel: Have you read the Bible?
Majdi: No, but I want to read it. Can you send me a copy?
Adel: It is available for free, and you can download it from the internet. Begin by reading the gospels.
Majdi: I know that there are four gospels. Which one should I start with?
Adel: Start by reading the gospel of John. Let me know how you go with it.
Majdi: I will. Thank you so much. You have helped me a lot.

Media team leader, Middle East