The centre is the one place we look forward to coming to each week. At the centre we can relax, meet other refugee mums, learn about new things, and have a reprieve from the stress in our new homes.

A Pioneers team in the Middle East is making a positive impact on many broken lives through its ministry to Syrian refugees. Aid distribution, visits to families, a sports ministry and a centre for women and children are bringing hope to the hopeless. Newly arrived team members remark:
One thing that has become clear to us since arriving is that we are about to enter a time of harvest. The level of openness we are experiencing amongst Syrians is astounding when we compare it to the time we lived in Syria.

So far, more than a thousand families have been visited by team members and almost four hundred women and children have passed through the centre, which opened last year. Twenty individuals make regular, personal visits to families, and thirteen Discovery Bible Studies are currently taking place.
Here’s one recent account that demonstrates how God is leading the team…
A few weeks ago, a local believer and I made plans to visit one of the families we have been following up spiritually. We were planning to visit ‘Simon’ and his family, but when I picked up the phone to call, I accidentally called ‘Adam’. It would have been rude to call and then not visit, so off we went.
Adam is a man in his early forties with five children. He was beaten and shot at the beginning of the Syrian civil war. Although he is a very hospitable, generous man, his heart is filled with hate and bitterness because of what happened to him. We had visited him several times previously and shared from God’s Word. He wasn’t very obviously open, so we decided to give him some space. Now, by coincidence, we were going back to his home, praying that the Lord had a good purpose for this visit.

The visit began normally, with a few minutes of small talk. Then we moved onto spiritual matters and asked Adam, once again, if he was interested in studying the Bible with us. At first he was hesitant, but then he finally agreed, saying, ‘If we are going to study together, I should invite my sons and relatives to join us!’ He left the room and after a minute or two came back with his two eldest sons and three other men who seemed to be hiding in another part of the house. After short introductions, we jumped into the story of Abraham and Isaac in Genesis 22. It was a great study, and each man engaged with the text. We agreed to meet again the following week, and since that time have continued with a weekly study. Last week, one member of the group was seriously injured at work, but he still managed to attend the study and eagerly participated.

Please lift up in prayer the work being done by this team. Pray that the hope Christ offers would be revealed to more Syrian refugees as this ministry continues to grow and develop. Pray for the spiritual protection of each vital team member. Particularly lift up Adam and his family as they eagerly study God’s Word.