The following comes from a Pioneers worker based in North Africa. For security reasons, we used a pseudonym. The accompanying image is for illustrative purposes.
When I first met Jad, he was an avid attender of the mosque and rarely skipped his five daily prayers. During Ramadan, he proudly introduced me to his imam. Seeing him change was highly improbable.
About two months ago, events in Jad’s life, that I cannot go into, caused his world to come to a crashing halt. In many ways, Jad had been a chameleon, adapting to whatever situation he was in for his own benefit. But that left him empty and confused. He began questioning the faith passed down from his father.
Through it all I had been praying with Jad and sharing wisdom from Isa (Jesus). I gave him a copy of the Injil (New Testament), which he said he was reading for hours into the night. Then, out of the blue, he asked if I would read the Bible with him. At first I was a little suspicious, but I’ve seen God work in improbable ways. And ever since, we have been reading through the book of Genesis, making our way towards Jesus. What Jad is discovering is amazing to him and he’s correlating what he is reading within the New Testament to what we are reading in Genesis. He’s also visiting a church for former Muslims that he really enjoys. He asks every week if we are going.
Last week, Jad’s imam came to his house and asked why he had not been to the mosque in over a month. To my surprise, Jad’s response was, ‘I am reading the Injil and have begun to go the way of Isa.’ This was no small statement. The imam, with his entourage, began to pressure Jad. He even called Jad’s boss, causing him to lose his job.
Pray with Jad and his family, asking for a genuine transformation in Christ. There are many circumstances in his life which lead me to believe it will be a long road, but Isa loves to take men like Jad and his household and change them from the inside out – because he is the God of improbabilities.